terça-feira, dezembro 22, 2009

"Conscious Capitalism"

O quer que isto signifique - eufemismo, jogo de linguagem, novo movimento, eterna procura duma "3ª via" - o interessante é ver como John Mackey, um pupilo de Friedman e de Ayn Rand tem tentado fazer a diferença com um negócio de 8 biliões de dólares.

Conscious Capitalism, Mackey insists, moves corporations to refocus on purpose instead of profit. In theory, it underscores the importance of all of a company's interdependent "stakeholders": employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, community, and the environment.

One of the things that I'm trying to philosophically just destroy," Mackey told Time magazine last year, "is this bifurcation that human beings are either greedy, selfish, only in it for themselves -- or they're saints.

[Fonte: Fast Company]