quarta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2006

A internet, os cartoons e o Islão

"Citizens throughout the Arab world are protesting caricatures of Muhammad first published in Danish newspapers. The conflict would not have occurred without a means of easily transporting information around the globe. The cartoon story is not particularly an internet story, since opponents of the depictions flew copies from Denmark to the Middle East. Yet, the internet is the biggest reason why cultural artifacts are readily available around the world today. Because of the internet, clashes between the sensibilities of different societies will only increase."
- in Wire News, "In Defense of the Culture Clash"

Um dos principais atributos e benefícios da internet, é precisamente o facto desta diminuir as distâncias entre "quem sabe" e "quem procura saber". A info-inclusão das nossas ideias ou da sua antítese, é uma realidade cada vez mais real e próxima ... em qualquer parte do Globo.