sexta-feira, novembro 11, 2005

Falar de Blogues

O encontro de ontem na Livraria Almedina promovido por José Carlos Abrantes foi muito interessante. Já estão aqui alguns destaques. Havia muito mais para discutir, mas entretanto já tarde...
Sobre os blogues políticos destaco este relatório Buzz, Blogs and Beyond: The Internet and the National Discourse in the Fall of 2004:
"Bloggers' unique characteristics - focus, vehemence, visibility, authenticity, tangibility (versus talk-radio's into-the-etherness) and the emphasis on tomorrow's-news-this-second - sometimes move political decision makers like a cattle prod. "
"For mainstream media, yesterday's news is today's fishwrap, whereas a blogger can continue to chase a story for days after it breaks. In addition, a blog with open commentary is by its very nature a 'lean-forward' experience; I may read a story, write back with comments, my comments may inspire other comments, or a different story, et cetera. That latticework of information is curiously similar to the web itself."
e este artigo de Drezner & Farrell:
"we have sought to provide an answer to a perplexing question for political scientists – why do blogs sometimes have real political consequences, given the relatively low number of blog readers in the overall population? Our proposed answer to this question is that blogs may frame political debates and create focal points for the media as a whole. Because certain opinion-makers within the media take blogs seriously, they can have a much wider impact on politics. "