quarta-feira, novembro 09, 2005

Entifada "made in EU"

Contributos para os ávidos de debate:
"The sickness in France's heart", International Herald Tribune
"Early skirmish in the Eurabian civil war", Telegraph UK
"What's Wrong with Europe?", Spiegel
"Intifada in France", NY Sun
"Explosion in the suburbs", Guardian UK
"Les Misérables", WSJ
"C’est l’économie, stupide", Times UK
"French lessons for us all", Spiked Politics
"Reflections on the Revolution in France", Daniel Pipes
"The Revolt of Ennui", NY Times
"Get French or Die Trying", NY Times
"France is clinging to an ideal", Guardian UK
"Why France Is Burning", Washington Post
"Intifada a la francaise", Canada News
"But, What Country Is This?", Washington Post
"World Opinion Round Up", Jefferson Morley
"Don't Forget Paris", Salon
"Why Immigrants Don't Riot Here", WSJ

Post-scriptum:: Agora dão-me licença que vá trabalhar? Tenho que ir produzir riqueza, para que possa ser redistribuida pelo Estado mais tarde.